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Become un-limbited !!

“Team Unlimited is a collaboration by British volunteers Drew Murray and Stephen Davies.

After Drew built a hand for Stephen, Stephen decided to become a volunteer himself. We collaborate on recipient build and work on developing and improving the devices that are on offer.” Continue reading

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Spike Lee Lights Up Dark Irony

Spike Lee restores Meaning to Media! His new movie, BlacKkKlansman, respins a true story from an autobiography of Colorado Springs’ first African American police officer, Ron Stallworth, and a Jewish detective, Flip Zimmerman, who worked undercover to infiltrate the local … Continue reading

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Your own “i-Kaizen”

A real possibility for change is to take small steps. … Personal example of Kaizen: Practical tips for shedding weight: Continue reading

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Feel free to use any part of this as a template, but for maximum effectiveness, (and if you wish to be taken seriously) please: 1. “sign it” at bottom with your name and email address per old fashioned letter protocol … Continue reading

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Lincoln’s Thanks and Today’s Blame

What a happy surprise to find President Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving  Proclamation 106 of 1863 has NOT been expunged from the University of Santa Barbara . Question 1:  Is his couplet below about SIN and MERCY ever heard, or allowed from the … Continue reading

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What did you ASK for?

…Steve Jobs identified what Separates Achievers From Those Who don’t … Excerpt from Full article at INC Magazine Steve Jobs believed in the power of asking. I’ve never found anybody that didn’t want to help me […] if I asked … Continue reading

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Kim’s Heartfelt Probe of North Korea

I finished Suki Kim’s book after swearing off television for two days.

Pop American educators may be stirred by more than the Harry Potter ‘crisis’ near the climax …

…very well written – Ms. Kim seems a “natural” at conveying very unnatural situations and psyches. Not a fan of the dictatorship nor her “employer’s” mission but she brings out the human qualities hiding in each. She opens the Westerners’ eyes and hearts to the shared anguish of both halves of Korea – the unbelievable attempts to anesthetize it.

Quite an eye opener how one demi-god* can create his own Dark Age and affect an entire a nuclear weaponized nation. (*I chose not to use demagogue)

It wasn’t her express purpose but as a side affect she seems demolish the rationale of the optimistic expectation that the world’s innocents will never again be plagued by a megalomaniac.

She’s quite an “emotional writer” who conveys emotion accurately without emotional distortion.

I am so impressed! Continue reading

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Esther Afua Ocloo from Ghana

Mental Floss Excerpt Google Doodle celebrates what would have been the 98th birthday of Esther Afua Ocloo. …[W]ho was this groundbreaking businesswoman who was known to so many as “Auntie Ocloo”? [Here are] five fast facts about her life and … Continue reading

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We laughed with June for a season

Ah Youth! Idealism! Laughter and Hope in a simpler time? June and Television brought warm laughter into our Cold War homes. An Emmy winner at 95, she quietly gave us her swan song last week at 99 ! Extolled by … Continue reading

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Teenage Girl Kills Anthrax

Teenage girl Sarit Sternberg’s little friends are tiny yet powerful viral killers of anthrax… Sarit Sternberg “It was wonderful, I was really, really happy. I was literally jumping up and down, it was amazing,” she said. Ronen Hazan lab | … Continue reading

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