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Hope vs Finger of Fate

… Yukako Fukushima, a prosthetics technician, has been given the affectionate title of ane – older sister – in yakuza circles. In the past decade she has equipped more than 100 ex-gangsters with individually-created false fingers of such quality that … Continue reading

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deGaulle Remembers Forgotten Hero

Despite 15 decorations from France for heroism and battlefield injuries in WWI and WWII, Eugene Bullard was ignored in the USA by his home country. “He had many reasons to resent his native country,” says biographer Craig Lloyd. But Bullard … Continue reading

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Teem-ventors Solar Tent

This time it is a team of young teen-aged ladies helping solve a SERIOUS problem. Excerpt: from How 12 teens invented a solar-powered tent for the homeless The teen girls from San Fernando High School worked on their invention … Continue reading

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AlgaeMobile may Reduce CO2SHERMAN, TX–A new invention may turn gas-guzzlers into eco-friendly vehicles. The inventor a college student. “Carbon dioxide would actually enter through the device through these plates of algae,” Param Jaggi said. It’s called the “Algae Mobile.” Austin … Continue reading

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Pediatrician on Sex & Gender

How Pop politics bypasses Medical diagnostics and irretrievably skews treatment. Doctor show how “Puberty blockers effectively “castrate” young children, and cross gender drugs sterilize… (and have negative side effects on memory).” 5 minutes and 38 seconds More to … Continue reading

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John McCain’s Farewell

John McCain 1936 – 2018 John McCain’s Farewell to America, written shortly before his death. My fellow Americans, whom I have gratefully served for sixty years, and especially my fellow Arizonans, “Thank you for the privilege of serving you and … Continue reading

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Renal Survival

AUGUST 18, 2018 My Dialysis Experience My name is Charles Griffin, I have been a dialysis patient for 7 years. I’ve been to 6 different clinics. (3 Davita, 2 Fresenius and 1 US Renal). Problems I Have Experienced : Needles … Continue reading

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Become un-limbited !!

“Team Unlimited is a collaboration by British volunteers Drew Murray and Stephen Davies.

After Drew built a hand for Stephen, Stephen decided to become a volunteer himself. We collaborate on recipient build and work on developing and improving the devices that are on offer.” Continue reading

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Spike Lee Lights Up Dark Irony

Spike Lee restores Meaning to Media! His new movie, BlacKkKlansman, respins a true story from an autobiography of Colorado Springs’ first African American police officer, Ron Stallworth, and a Jewish detective, Flip Zimmerman, who worked undercover to infiltrate the local … Continue reading

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Your own “i-Kaizen”

A real possibility for change is to take small steps. … Personal example of Kaizen: Practical tips for shedding weight: Continue reading

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