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Lax Flax, Nice Mice In conclusion, our data suggests that flaxseed fiber supplementation affects host metabolism by increasing energy expenditure and reducing obesity as well as by improving glucose tolerance. Future research should be directed to understand the relative contribution of the different … Continue reading

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Kanto Left • Kansai Right?

Is there REALLY A difference between Kansai and Kanto escalator etiquette to stand on Right or Left so others can walk past? Continue reading

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Spike Lee Lights Up Dark Irony

Spike Lee restores Meaning to Media! His new movie, BlacKkKlansman, respins a true story from an autobiography of Colorado Springs’ first African American police officer, Ron Stallworth, and a Jewish detective, Flip Zimmerman, who worked undercover to infiltrate the local … Continue reading

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Your own “i-Kaizen”

A real possibility for change is to take small steps. … Personal example of Kaizen: Practical tips for shedding weight: Continue reading

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Awesome Aviatrixes

Celebrated by Google, Smithonian, Bessie Coleman: First African/NativeAmerican Woman Licensed Pilot from Wikipedia and Smithsonian Mae Carol Jemison: US Astronaut (Endeavor 1992)- Wikipedia  Bessica Raiche, of Wisconsin first solo flight, 1910, dentist, linguist, musician, gynecologist, etc. etc. etc. 9 famous female … Continue reading

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Brainscan Bolsters Belief!

ABC’s 20/20 Again? How much skepticism really an avoidance tactic to protect from a close forensic first look?  But  this time the surprised beneficiary was an unwilling skeptic, an active Harvard trained brain surgeon with a successful career, who thought such reports were … Continue reading

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Love is a Fallacy

“Dating Tips” and Male-Female Communication in a humorous intermediate English Reading Comprehension Exercise “Setting” contains teen slang and style references of  the 1930’s – ’40s era in USA The reader may ‘Mouseover’ or click hints for idioms, euphenisms, definitions Love … Continue reading

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