Your Website Replaces Facebook?!

Teach self and Family Internet Development!
It’s available FREE online, but HOW to START?

  • Remember slideshows and 8mm movies?
    Your Happier World with your new Website

    A Happier World with your new Website

    • No? They were replaced by FREE SOCIAL MEDIA (yes,  ADVERTISING media)
      • Yet how much do you PAY when we expose ourselves to Obtrusive Advertisements, Thought Police and Trolls?
  • Now you can have more FREEDOM than these “free services” provide!
    • to share photos,
    • make calendar ALERTS,
    • leave motherly notes and patriarchal preaching in the special categories where your children know where to find them, and also where to ignore them!
    • Sell bread, art, and crafts WORLDWIDE and get paid with PAYPAL

Replace “Social Media” with “Family Media” and “Team Media”.

we actually EXPECT that folks will to CONTINUE to use their top level social media
– to redirect guests to more detailed  personal content
– to refer close friends to use their self managed “Family Media”
– to aim product reviews, buying opportunities to their customer, family or fan base
– to experience that LEARNING, TEACHING and CREATING is FUN!

  • HEADSTART: what you will GET, LEARN and DO
    • Hidden (HYPER) text tricks and shortcuts; HTML
    • Setup NETWORK and CLIENT :
      • Server Hosting – Security and Tools
      • Remote management of your web site – Open Source File Manager, Editor
    • Hosting Choice
      • Free Hosting – (other people’s advertising)
      • Paid Hosting from $9.99 (your own choice to whether to advertise and how)
    • Customize a PreFab Website Template with your Photos, Content
      • Design and Install Basic Website:
        Welcome Page, Contact Page, Common Menu
    • Contact Form validation
    • WordPress Installation
    • WordPress Theme customization with advanced CSS
    • World wide PAYMENT form using PayPal


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