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Jump: Live and Tell! Lazowski would [temporarily] safely return to his family [in the ghetto],  but in August 1942, the Nazis returned to massacre the remaining Jews in the ghetto. As his mother pushed him from a window to help him escape … Continue reading

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Lou Salutes Veterans

TAKE A LONG, HARD LOOK AT THIS PLANE. Being ‘escorted’ back to Allied side by a German, who was showing respect to American aviators inside. German saluting to American pilots. Here, leaving the mainland, about to cross the English Channel. … Continue reading

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Terrorism ‘Takes a Village’

Norwegian-Pakistani-Afghan little girl’s odyssey to adulthood activism and passivity work together dangerously Or if you’re in a hurry at least watch this tiny bit: Short Excerpt l

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byline Yahoo April 29, 1992 and other sources below: NBC Los Angeles Good Samaritans risk all to save Reginald Denny. Excerpt from Yahoo April 29, 1992: In one of the most disturbing images from the Los Angeles riots, six black … Continue reading

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deGaulle honors Forgotten Hero

Despite 15 decorations from France for heroism and battlefield injuries in WWI and WWII, Eugene Bullard was ignored in the USA by his home country. “He had many reasons to resent his native country,” says biographer Craig Lloyd. But Bullard … Continue reading

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Feel free to use any part of this as a template, but for maximum effectiveness, (and if you wish to be taken seriously) please: 1. “sign it” at bottom with your name and email address per old fashioned letter protocol … Continue reading

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Kim’s Heartfelt Probe of North Korea

I finished Suki Kim’s book after swearing off television for two days.

Pop American educators may be stirred by more than the Harry Potter ‘crisis’ near the climax …

…very well written – Ms. Kim seems a “natural” at conveying very unnatural situations and psyches. Not a fan of the dictatorship nor her “employer’s” mission but she brings out the human qualities hiding in each. She opens the Westerners’ eyes and hearts to the shared anguish of both halves of Korea – the unbelievable attempts to anesthetize it.

Quite an eye opener how one demi-god* can create his own Dark Age and affect an entire a nuclear weaponized nation. (*I chose not to use demagogue)

It wasn’t her express purpose but as a side affect she seems demolish the rationale of the optimistic expectation that the world’s innocents will never again be plagued by a megalomaniac.

She’s quite an “emotional writer” who conveys emotion accurately without emotional distortion.

I am so impressed! Continue reading

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Chancellor to Censor Racist Algebra?

A July 19, 2017 NPR  interview attributes this logic to  (California community college) Chancellor  Eloy Ortiz Oakley: Algebra .. is also the single most failed course in community colleges across the country. So if you’re not a STEM major (science, technology, … Continue reading

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Teen-ventor Solves Worldwide Household Problem 

Young Benjamin Stern of Florida has something YOU want, need and will save you money! And will change how millions around the planet will wash their hair and bathe! “Nohbo” bottleless shampoo invention I saw my mom using laundry detergent … Continue reading

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Japan may push citizens into Radioactive zone

Sources: Greenpeace,, UK Mirror High radiation risks in Fukushima village as government prepares to lift evacuation order – Greenpeace | Greenpeace International re-reported by as Japanese govt pushing Fukushima evacuees back to high radiation areas – Greenpeace Published … Continue reading

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