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Kanto Left • Kansai Right?

Is there REALLY A difference between Kansai and Kanto escalator etiquette to stand on Right or Left so others can walk past? Continue reading

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3 100 year old Sky Divers compete

The skies are busy enough, but don’t worry I won’t be competing this year… 102-Year-Old Australian Woman Becomes the Oldest Skydiver in the World as She Jumps Out of Plane for Charity Over the weekend, the Australian woman celebrated her … Continue reading

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Sophie’s Eternal Choice at 21

On February 18, 1943, 21 year old Sophie Scholl was arrested for distributing White Rose pacifist pamphlets on campus: Four days later on the 22nd she was tried, sentenced and guillotined within a few hours. Scholl learned of the … Continue reading

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John Morton-Finney

Child of slaves, Active lawyer until age 104… In a 1994 interview with the Indianapolis Star, Morton-Finney noted, “I never stop studying. There’s always lots to learn. When you stop learning, that’s about the end of you.” He earned the … Continue reading

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Kondo Kirei Suru ka!? what? Has she cleaned up Japan so well that she DARES come to USA and mess up MY garage and challenge MY archaeological method of filing? ?? Big shocker on Netflix – episode 1 is REFRESHING, but episode 2, … Continue reading

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Audio Brain Food?

Music at Work (Entrepreneur Magazine Jan 2019 Deep Patel) 4½ Genres Classic Nature Cinema Sound Tracks VIDEO GAME music?! Music at 50-80 beats per minute Music as Medicine (American Psychiatric Assn 2013) Neonatal (Infant care) Good Vibrations Pain And Stress … Continue reading

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Hope vs Finger of Fate

… Yukako Fukushima, a prosthetics technician, has been given the affectionate title of ane – older sister – in yakuza circles. In the past decade she has equipped more than 100 ex-gangsters with individually-created false fingers of such quality that … Continue reading

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deGaulle honors Forgotten Hero

Despite 15 decorations from France for heroism and battlefield injuries in WWI and WWII, Eugene Bullard was ignored in the USA by his home country. “He had many reasons to resent his native country,” says biographer Craig Lloyd. But Bullard … Continue reading

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Teem-ventors Solar Tent

This time it is a team of young teen-aged ladies helping solve a SERIOUS problem. Excerpt: from 12 teens invent solar-powered tent for the homeless The teen girls from San Fernando High School worked on their invention over the course … Continue reading

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AlgaeMobile may Reduce CO2SHERMAN, TX–A new invention may turn gas-guzzlers into eco-friendly vehicles. The inventor a college student. “Carbon dioxide would actually enter through the device through these plates of algae,” Param Jaggi said. It’s called the “Algae Mobile.” Austin … Continue reading

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