Lunar Eclipses 2023

from Alan Schwarz

Surf’s up! Cool astronomical events happening.

Tomorrow’s full moon will be 2023’s second of 4 perigee full moons. Also known as a “supermoon”, it will be 14% larger in our sky and will bring what is known as a “proxigean tide”. This occurs when the sun & moon align during new & full moons during perigee. It causes high tides to be higher by as much as 25% and low tides to be lower by 25%.

But wake the kids and call the neighbors because it doesn’t end there, the supermoon on August 31st will be a “super blue moon”. A blue moon is the second full moon occurring during a calendar month and are also the 3rd full moon in a season with 4 full moons.

A super blue moon is rare. The last time we had a “Super Blue Moon” was in December 2009, and the next time will be in 9 years, in August 2032.

2023 Super moon dates
July 3
August 1
August 31
Sept 29

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