Disaster Prevention Day

Not just for tin-hatted bomb shelter troglodytes on the Fringe of the Society.

• My grandmother was orphaned by the great flu epidemic just before World War I
• She lost contact with her brothers in World War I
• Then the Great Depression
• And World War II
• and now … next … another 50 years of relative Peace? Seatbelts for your car. Life raft for your ship. But what provision for your family?

For decades our Esteemed Government Scientists have been warning us to prepare and take seriously, ice age, global warming, Nuclear Winter, the San Andreas earthquakes… to say nothing of the new pop death cult whose 1 billion are taught to hope in the immolation of their own planet.

Still 97% of us seem desperately eager to GAMBLE that our 50 year run of good “luck” will continue without another global pandemic, cataclysmic or panic that our parents suffered.

is it really true that, because we do not live on a volcano, that we, unlike Japan, need never prepare?

Disaster Prevention Day From https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disaster_Prevention_Day

A bus stop in Shinonome, Tokyo, with a poster for Disaster Prevention Day in September 2015

In Japan, September 1 is Disaster Prevention Day (防災の日 bousai no hi?). This day commemorates the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake and is a day on which disaster preparations are taken nationwide, especially in the Kantō region.

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