¿Stellar Sign Hidden in Plain Sight?

Isn’t it too late to argue? Look at the date on your European and US coins?
Conjunction (multiple planets) align Comet or Nova or Supernatural
Planets align, ungroup, re-align (elusive?)

Using astronomer Johannes Kepler’s map of the solar system, Josephus’s calendaring system and Imaginova’s state-of-the-art Starry Night® software, Larson pinpointed the year of the Star’s appearance. While most astronomers researching the Star only look to the sky, Larson took his findings a step further …

And the UK Daily Mail uses actual photos and video of a RECENT EXAMPLE to rub your face in their click-bait

Comet! Dramatic, unavoidable?

Comet: NBC news! Friendly

Agnostic? (extraneous?)

Others postulate but do not decide:
Joe Rao of New York’s Hayden Planetarium:  (this seems the MOST informative, covering all possibilities AND how contradictory dates became popular)
(reported by both Space.com  and CNBC)

Ultimately, the projector was brought to a halt on Feb. 25 in the year 6 BC with the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Mars forming a triangle low in the western sky.

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