PI  Duterte welcomes Japan’s Abe

Manila Bulletin January 14, 2017

(WATCH) How Japan appreciates Davao’s hospitality to Abe

Before leaving for Australia, [Japan’s Prime Minister] Abe and his wife Akie visited the Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku, a Japanese-language school in Davao City, where they were welcomed by students and staff waving Philippine and Japanese flags and were treated to a performance of “Chiisana Sekai” (It’s a Small World).

The 62-year-old leader expressed how delighted he was to see Filipino students “having fun” learning the Japanese language.

The Filipino students, in turn, thanked the Japanese visitors for dropping by their humble school.

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Japanese netizens were also impressed with the welcome given by the Davaoeños to their leader.

“It is truly a wonderful welcome party. Certainly, it made me cry,” said one netizen.

“A wonderful welcome, I’m impressed,” said another.

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