Renal Survival

AUGUST 18, 2018

My Dialysis Experience

My name is Charles Griffin, I have been a dialysis patient for 7 years.

I’ve been to 6 different clinics. (3 Davita, 2 Fresenius and 1 US Renal).

Problems I Have Experienced :

  • Needles put in upside down
    • This can tear Fistula and keep your blood from getting clean.

  • Retaliation by staff for complaining.
    • Being “accidentally” kicked and having feet stepped on, blood and Saline squirted on me and canceling my transportation.

  • Frequent bleed outs
    • Allowing my blood to spill on the floor from improper patch placement or removal of needles, making me feel weak due to blood lost.

  • Staff cutting my treatment short
    • Staff will want to go home early so they pull 5 kilos in 2 hours cutting my treatment short, causing painful cramps, dropping my blood pressure and causing dizzy spells.
  • Over worked staff
  • The Staff is tired, moody, careless and makes mistakes. They work too many hours and too many days in a row. Some staff work at multiple clinics. For example, they will work 12 hours Monday,Wednesday and Friday at Davita, then 12 hours Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at Fresenius. Also Staff to patient ratio is too high.
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