AlgaeMobile may Reduce CO2SHERMAN, TX–A new invention may turn gas-guzzlers into eco-friendly vehicles. The inventor a college student.

Carbon dioxide would actually enter through the device through these plates of algae,” Param Jaggi said.

It’s called the “Algae Mobile.” Austin College Freshman Param Jaggi has a patent pending for it.

He thought of it when he was parked at a red light, staring at an idling car.

My parents tell me that since an early age I’ve been tearing apart my toys and always trying to invent new things and put new things together,” Jaggi said.

Out of 1,500 young inventors, Jaggi was named the winner of EPA’s 2011 Patrick Hurd Sustainability Award.

His device is designed to attach to the end of a vehicle’s exhaust. Inside are a series of algae-coated plates, which are there to filter CO2.

It has adhesive and cohesive properties,” Jaggi said. “As the carbon dioxide would enter through, it would go thorough those plates that are attached with algae.”

Pumping gas may not be such a dirty thing. Cleaning the algae could be as easy as an oil change.

Every time you go get an oil change we can get that canister removed and replaced with more algae,” Jaggi said.

Depending on how the design develops, drivers would have to get their algae removed every 5 to 6 months.

A device like this would be different in a laboratory setting and then different in an actual application setting,” Jaggi said.

This green organism…could mean a greener future.

Jen French, KTEN News

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