Kondo Kirei Suru ka!?


what? Has she cleaned up Japan so well that she DARES come to USA and mess up MY garage and challenge MY archaeological method of filing? ??

Big shocker on Netflix – episode 1 is REFRESHING, but episode 2, starts HORRIBLy yet with a happy Herculean ending in a Nisei environment !


World-famous organizing guru Marie Kondo comes across a lot of, shall we say, excess baggage her clients need to unload. But in the second episode of her new Netflix series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” we think she’s truly met her match!

In the “Empty Nesters” episode, we learn that Wendy and Ron Akiyama have lived in the house they inherited from Ron’s parents for more than 20 years—and raised three kids there—so the house has accumulated three generations’ belongings. Now that the couple are empty nesters, they believe it’s high time to make the place clean, calm, and cathartic

頑張ろう!and Best of Success,

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