3 100 year old Sky Divers compete

The skies are busy enough, but don’t worry I won’t be competing this year…

102-Year-Old Australian Woman Becomes the Oldest Skydiver in the World as She Jumps Out of Plane for Charity

Over the weekend, the Australian woman celebrated her 102nd birthday by going skydiving, a yearly tradition she has kept since turning 100. This year, however, was even more special as O’Shea became the oldest skydiver in the world, SA Skydiving confirmed to PEOPLE.Plunging over 14,000 feet, O’Shea made the dive on Sunday with Jed Smith, the same instructor she previously jumped with.

SUSSEX — On the day he became the world’s oldest skydiver, Kenny Meyer started his morning the way he always does: with two eggs, sunny side up.

The 102-year-old Union Township resident woke up Thursday at 6 a.m., did his leg and back exercises, took his usual pills and left the house with his wife at 8:15 a.m. to jump out of an airplane for the first time.

Ten hours and roughly $285 later, Meyer had set a world record, beating a 101-year-old British man who claimed the honor in May

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