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What did you ASK for?

…Steve Jobs identified what Separates Achievers From Those Who don’t … Excerpt from Full article at INC Magazine Steve Jobs believed in the power of asking. I’ve never found anybody that didn’t want to help me […] if I asked … Continue reading

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Esther Afua Ocloo from Ghana

Mental Floss Excerpt Google Doodle celebrates what would have been the 98th birthday of Esther Afua Ocloo. …[W]ho was this groundbreaking businesswoman who was known to so many as “Auntie Ocloo”? [Here are] five fast facts about her life and … Continue reading

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Teenage Girl Kills Anthrax

Teenage girl Sarit Sternberg’s little friends are tiny yet powerful viral killers of anthrax… Sarit Sternberg “It was wonderful, I was really, really happy. I was literally jumping up and down, it was amazing,” she said. Ronen Hazan lab | … Continue reading

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Teen-ventor Solves Worldwide Household Problem 

Young Benjamin Stern of Florida has something YOU want, need and will save you money! And will change how millions around the planet will wash their hair and bathe! “Nohbo” bottleless shampoo invention I saw my mom using laundry detergent … Continue reading

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Liu Xiaobo Nobel Laureate Dies in Prison

Hero: Liu Xiaobo  Sources: BBC, Huffington Post,  Xinhua English News, South China Morning Post Last words:  ‘Live on well’ Headlines: BBC | Liu Xiaobo: China’s most prominent dissident dies Huffington Post: 劉暁波氏が死去 中国民主化運動の象徴、ノーベル平和賞の人権活動家 その足跡を振り返る  Xinhua English News: NO STORY – propaganda South China … Continue reading

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Emergency: Imaginary or Real ?

Government versus Alarmists: From tornadoes to snowstorms, to wildfires, to tsunami , Hurricane Kristina and East Coast “Snowmageddon” …  Japan, Canada, US, United Kingdom each have developed information, emergency services and Disaster Recovery help. But it’s never soon enough, nor … Continue reading

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Hacksaw Ridge

On Feb 2, 2017, at 22:18 This movie spends a good 40 minutes in character development- although a tiny bit “embellished” as detailed by the reelfaces link below. (Reelfaces is a great timesaver!   In this case even my Japanese … Continue reading

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Avoid Culture Shock: China

Gotcha’s You Can Learn this… Clocks as Gifts: NO! Green hats: they’ll be laughing at you anyway Kissing Hello, no! Hugging Goodbye? not in public: just smile, bow, or maybe shake hands …depending…   Counting Make Change (or have exact … Continue reading

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Akita Students Excel

Rocket News Reports ! “Overall consensus put Akita Prefecture in first place, stealing it from Miyazaki who was pushed down to second place, and Yamanashi remained the same in third.” 1 Akita Prefecture 65.8 2 Miyazaki Prefecture 63.3 3 Yamanashi Prefecture 57.0 4 Saitama … Continue reading

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Fred Korematsu v. United States

Fred Korematsu – a single voice against a Fearful Government Never again? Google’s celebration of Korematsu is a timely reminder to the US grass roots and their new President Trump … Mr. Korematsu used the Separation of Powers, the Supreme Court … Continue reading

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