Hacksaw Ridge

On Feb 2, 2017, at 22:18

This movie spends a good 40 minutes in character development- although a tiny bit “embellished” as detailed by the reelfaces link below. (Reelfaces is a great timesaver!  

In this case even my Japanese wife liked this one despite the ultra modern ultra realism of war with Japanese on Okinawa, arguably the worst fighting of the worst war… still this true story uncovers a bright high point in one of our history’s DARKEST times. (

This is the first Japanese – US war movie she and I have ever seen together (and likely the last)

  • Did you know the hero was 
    • Already married when he enlisted 
    • Medic
    • Conscientious objector
    • Sabbath keeper ( Saturday)
    • vegetarian
    • Medal of Honor winner 
    • Would only use a rifle to improvise a stretcher
    • Injured when he kicked a grenade away…
  • the true story is even more unbelievable – “truth eclipses fiction”

5 Amazing Things The Hero of ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Did That Aren’t In the Movie

It’s hard to believe how heroic Desmond Doss was. So hard, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ director Mel Gibson and producers left some of it out.

By Mary Katharine Ham

Most movie adaptations of true stories exaggerate for effect, condensing timelines and adding action to heighten drama. In “Hacksaw Ridge,” the story of a World War II conscientious objector who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroic duty as a medic, director Mel Gibson and producers had the opposite problem.
“There were things that left us thinking ‘Who would believe that?’” producer Bill Mechanic told “Deadline.”

Also see “Is God in War

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