Avoid Culture Shock: China

Gotcha’s You Can Learn this…
  • Clocks as Gifts: NO!
  • Green hats:
    they’ll be laughing at you anyway
  • Kissing Hello, no!
  • Hugging Goodbye?
    not in public: just smile, bow, or maybe shake hands …depending…


  • Counting
  • Make Change (or have exact change)
  • Lower your voice
  • Chopsticks
  • Not to tip
  • Chopstick Do’s and DON’Ts : ( you are a guest AND a minority!)
  • Gotchas!
  • Clocks
  • Green hats
  • American Hugging
  • Kissing Hello, no!
  • Hugging Goodbye: naw, just smile, bow, or maybe shake hands …depending…
  • Chopstick Etiquette: remember you are a guest AND a minority!


[un]common sense for Americans before visiting China (or hosting a Chinese guest in USA)

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