Anger in Men ?

10 Signs That You Have Anger Issues › counseling-men-blog › 10-signs-that-you-have-anger-issues

Whether it’s anger at another person for something, or anger over the various injustices in the world, anger is a common human feeling and response. The there is a difference, however, between occasionally getting angry and having anger issues.

Why Men Get Angry According to a Psychologist – Insider › why-men-get-angry-according-to-a-psychologist-2018-9

Men’s anger is often fuelled by fear, according to a psychologist. Anger is a secondary emotion which means there is typically always something else underneath it, like fear, sadness, or jealousy. By learning to recognise your anger and what is lying behind it, you’ll be able to relate to what you’re feeling a whole lot easier. …

Elder Anger – Where Does the Rage Come From? – CarePlus › elder-anger-where-does-the-rage-come-from

In the last newsletter we discussed depression in the elderly, but we haven’t yet touched on another of the most common emotions seen in the aging population—anger. Of course, anger can be a symptom of depression, or rather a masking emotion, put on in order to hide feelings that make an already vulnerable elder feel even more helpless, but often it’s simply a manifestation of the aging …


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