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Teem-ventors Solar Tent

This time it is a team of young teen-aged ladies helping solve a SERIOUS problem. Excerpt: from How 12 teens invented a solar-powered tent for the homeless The teen girls from San Fernando High School worked on their invention … Continue reading

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Your own “i-Kaizen”

A real possibility for change is to take small steps. … Personal example of Kaizen: Practical tips for shedding weight: Continue reading

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Feel free to use any part of this as a template, but for maximum effectiveness, (and if you wish to be taken seriously) please: 1. “sign it” at bottom with your name and email address per old fashioned letter protocol … Continue reading

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Teenage Girl Kills Anthrax

Teenage girl Sarit Sternberg’s little friends are tiny yet powerful viral killers of anthrax… Sarit Sternberg “It was wonderful, I was really, really happy. I was literally jumping up and down, it was amazing,” she said. Ronen Hazan lab | … Continue reading

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Chancellor to Censor Racist Algebra?

A July 19, 2017 NPR  interview attributes this logic to  (California community college) Chancellor  Eloy Ortiz Oakley: Algebra .. is also the single most failed course in community colleges across the country. So if you’re not a STEM major (science, technology, … Continue reading

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Akita Students Excel

Rocket News Reports ! “Overall consensus put Akita Prefecture in first place, stealing it from Miyazaki who was pushed down to second place, and Yamanashi remained the same in third.” 1 Akita Prefecture 65.8 2 Miyazaki Prefecture 63.3 3 Yamanashi Prefecture 57.0 4 Saitama … Continue reading

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¿Stellar Sign Hidden in Plain Sight?

Isn’t it too late to argue? Look at the date on your European and US coins? Conjunction (multiple planets) align Comet or Nova or Supernatural Planets align, ungroup, re-align (elusive?) Using astronomer Johannes Kepler’s map of the solar system, Josephus’s … Continue reading

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OZ teaches Children Asian Languages in Virtual Classes

Children Learn Asian Languages in Virtual Classrooms from Excerpt below as public service – click link above to full article. (Emphasis below is from this editor.)  Australian children have now the added option to learn Asian languages under the guidance … Continue reading

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艾偉德 Gladys Aylward 147cm

See Bibliography below: The movie, released in 1958, was taken in large part from the book The Small Woman by Alan Burgess. One reviewer of the book said that the written material was more action-packed than the movie. The reviewer … Continue reading

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Awesome Aviatrixes

Celebrated by Google, Smithonian, Bessie Coleman: First African/NativeAmerican Woman Licensed Pilot from Wikipedia and Smithsonian Mae Carol Jemison: US Astronaut (Endeavor 1992)- Wikipedia  Bessica Raiche, of Wisconsin first solo flight, 1910, dentist, linguist, musician, gynecologist, etc. etc. etc. 9 famous female … Continue reading

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