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Your own “i-Kaizen”

Excerpt from author Dr. Loren Ekroth of Conversation Matters and other Resources he provides..

How to Make Personal Change Effectively

A real possibility for change is to take small steps. Here’s a great resource: One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way. By Robert Maurer, Ph.D. (2014) Also available as audio book.

This is the Japanese method for getting better [continuous improvement] …

Practical examples are in high quality automobiles like Toyota and computing hardware and software. …

Personal example of Kaizen: Practical tips for shedding weight:

1. Take small steps, perhaps 1-2 pounds per week for 5 weeks.

2. Have an accountability buddy, someone close you report to regularly.

3. Focus on the present: What’s one thing you can do today toward your goal? Example: Eliminate a high calorie drink like soda, beer, or wine. For example, a glass of red wine contains 300 calories, 2100 per week, 8,500 per month. I quit red wine and easily shed 30 pounds in a few months

Visit Conversation Matters for a rich library of practical business-savvy and success-centric ideas, ice breakers and clever solutions…


Feel free to use any part of this as a template, but for maximum effectiveness, (and if you wish to be taken seriously) please:
1. “sign it” at bottom with your name and email address per old fashioned letter protocol …
2. use your recipient’s correct title

Dear President Trump,

RE: proposed FCC changes to net neutrality schedule December 2017

Please re-consider the negative consequences of the steps under consideration, ostensibly to enhance services.

These proposed changes will monetize and add opportunity for future administrations and non-voting entities to MANIPULATE what is has been a very even playing field.

Current “net neutrality“ is the closest we have to a “Free Market” environment where worldwide popularity will test and “make-or-break” a website or business or New Idea.

The decision before you is analogous to giving “MORE free speech” to some – and thereby “LESS free speech” to others: contradicting the meaning of “free speech”.

There is nothing broken here to fix – only the temptation to tax, divide and break an engine that has already provided unparalleled revenue.

They already have and currently use their ability to increase bandwidth by subscription “paywalls”.


1. Reject these proposed changes

2. Enact laws that will ENSURE net neutrality and shield it from future attempts to change it directly and indirectly.

Respectfully yours,

Teenage Girl Kills Anthrax

Teenage girl Sarit Sternberg’s little friends are tiny yet powerful viral killers of anthrax…

Sarit Sternberg
“It was wonderful, I was really, really happy. I was literally jumping up and down, it was amazing,” she said.

Researcher Sarit Sternberg

Sarit Sternberg

Israeli student Sarit Sternberg has made a significant scientific discovery – finding a virus that can kill anthrax, all at the age of 16.

Sternberg is part of the Alpha program for gifted high school students in Israel and is in Australia to talk about her discovery.

Antibiotics are usually used to treat anthrax, but certain bacteria are building resistance.

Sternberg has been looking at bacteria-killing viruses called phages, and she found one that can kill anthrax.

Anthrax: The target

Chancellor to Censor Racist Algebra?

A July 19, 2017 NPR  interview attributes this logic to  (California community college) Chancellor  Eloy Ortiz Oakley:

Algebra .. is also the single most failed course in community colleges across the country. So if you’re not a STEM major (science, technology, engineering, math), why even study algebra?

The Chancellor later uses Bob Moses’ success as an excuse to remove intermediate “absract” algebra as an requirement – an illogical step which is the OPPOSITE of Moses’ path. Bob Moses , the civil rights activist, started the Algebra Project, teaching concepts of algebra to black students in the South. He saw the teaching of math as a continuation of the civil rights struggle.

The Chancellor continued:

Rates of failure in algebra are higher for minority groups than they are for white students. Why do you think that is? Do you think a different curriculum would have less disparate results by ethnic or racial group?

First of all, we’ve seen in the data from many of the pilots across the country that are using alternative math pathways — that are just as rigorous as an algebra course — we’ve seen much greater success for students because many of these students can relate to these different kinds of math depending on which program of study they’re in. They can see how it works in their daily life and how it’s going to work in their career.

In the next paragraph the chancellor, almost as an aside, correctly identifies that statistics also exists for poorer non-minorities… Which suggests he may be just throwing up incendiary verbiage to attract some media frenzy to his campaign.

The second thing I’d say is yes, this is a civil rights issue, but this is also something that plagues all Americans — particularly low-income Americans. If you think about all the underemployed or unemployed Americans in this country who cannot connect to a job in this economy — which is unforgiving of those students who don’t have a credential — the biggest barrier for them is this algebra requirement. It’s what has kept them from achieving a credential.

An eruption in social media followed, in which  an agitated near-nanogenarian critic opined:

Is Racist Algebra the only culprit? Are Evil grammar, diabolical Debate and Elitest Rhetoric in the same hit list?

Algebra is a very structured, even “simplified” form of language-like (read as “English-like” for American students) communication. Hence the dreaded “story problems”. If this eraser-head Academic has his way, then grammar will be the next neo-racist culprit to be banned from education.
This fellow is the “big bad wolf**” of RACISM disguised as a “loving grandma” when he spouts “minorities can’t do math”.

(does he or his favorite minority know what a **metaphor is? I don’t. I get them mixed up with similes and allegories. Then should these abstractions  also be ripped from textbooks as federal hate crime concepts?)

I wonder what Benjamin Banneker, George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington, Condoleezza Rice, Ben Carson, Katherine Johnson or Angie Jones would say to this?

Didn’t even Rev Jessie Jackson1 resist similar LOGIC that argued relevant Ebonics should replace elitest and obsolete English in minority classrooms?

The racial statistics the Chancellor sites exposes failure to recruit quality teachers to low pay in dangerous neighborhoods – NOT their students’ ability to learn

LinkedIn example of a young (minority) industrial-expert who teaches people of all races and age groups

This is not the first time Academics Patrons have demonstrated their “noblesse oblige” to carve out safe space (scholastic ghetto?) for their pet constituents:  1Jesse Jackson and Maya Angelou   both resisted this temptation to cull English that the chancellor seems to embrace for Algebra.

Oakland Scratches Plan To Teach Black English –
The poet Maya Angelou said ”the very idea that African-American language is a language separate and apart” could encourage young black students not to learn standard English. The Rev. Jesse Jackson warned initially that the plan could undermine efforts to preserve the opportunities available to black men and women in affirmative-action programs.

Community colleges help people specialize in intermediate middle-class careers.

The Chancellor stumbles over, yet completely misses the wonderful idea to turn advanced abstract algebra into workable solutions for every class. Instead of making classic and  “alternative [math] pathways” into enemies, he should bolster and encourage an academic standard.

Intermediate algebra” is obviously an intermediate and very necessary step. Therefore the Alternate and the Standard should not be politically divisive, nor mutually exclusive – just as  “abstract” Axioms and practical “story problems” are side-by-side  in every High School algebra textbook.


“REAL-to-REEL” compares Reality with the Script

Akita Students Excel

Rocket News Reports !

“Overall consensus put Akita Prefecture in first place, stealing it from Miyazaki who was pushed down to second place, and Yamanashi remained the same in third.”

1 Akita Prefecture 65.8
2 Miyazaki Prefecture 63.3
3 Yamanashi Prefecture 57.0
4 Saitama Prefecture 56.4
4 Hiroshima Prefecture 56.4
6 Tochigi Prefecture 56.2
7 Fukui Prefecture 54.8
8 Okayama Prefecture 54.0
9 Toyama Prefecture 53.8
9 Yamaguchi Prefecture 53.8



¿Stellar Sign Hidden in Plain Sight?

Isn’t it too late to argue? Look at the date on your European and US coins?
Conjunction (multiple planets) align Comet or Nova or Supernatural
Planets align, ungroup, re-align (elusive?)

Using astronomer Johannes Kepler’s map of the solar system, Josephus’s calendaring system and Imaginova’s state-of-the-art Starry Night® software, Larson pinpointed the year of the Star’s appearance. While most astronomers researching the Star only look to the sky, Larson took his findings a step further …

And the UK Daily Mail uses actual photos and video of a RECENT EXAMPLE to rub your face in their click-bait

Comet! Dramatic, unavoidable?

Comet: NBC news! Friendly

Agnostic? (extraneous?)

Others postulate but do not decide:
Joe Rao of New York’s Hayden Planetarium:  (this seems the MOST informative, covering all possibilities AND how contradictory dates became popular)
(reported by both  and CNBC)

Ultimately, the projector was brought to a halt on Feb. 25 in the year 6 BC with the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Mars forming a triangle low in the western sky.

OZ teaches Children Asian Languages in Virtual Classes

Children Learn Asian Languages in Virtual Classrooms from

Excerpt below as public service – click link above to full article. (Emphasis below is from this editor.)

 Australian children have now the added option to learn Asian languages under the guidance of a teacher through live virtual classrooms, aside from ‘traditional’ learning at school or via foreign language apps. 

SYDNEY, Australia – 26 January 2017 – Despite some parental concerns that exposing young children to a second language can cause first language delay, experts have shown that children learning a second language actually enjoy improved academic performance, including better first language skills. Bilingual children also possess enhanced cognitive flexibility and a broader world view.

Learning a second language should not solely be seen as an academic pursuit. As a matter of fact, learning a second language can be a very enjoyable extracurricular activities for children that improve their experiences and creativity. For that reason, children who are not interested in learning a second language for academic reasons can attend private classes to learn useful foreign language skills. Learning through virtual classrooms is a plus for saving time on commuting and finding a language school near you.

Understanding the language learning needs of children in Australia, Asian Language School have created language programs in Chinese and Japanese for students age six to seventeen years old. Curriculum is divided for primary school children and secondary school children. The program for children age six to eleven teaches Japanese for three years and Chinese for four years from term one to term four, providing these young learners with year round exposure to the second language and clear learning objectives. Meanwhile, the program for teenage children are more flexible whereby students can enrol in any level throughout the terms. The language programs for teens are created to enable students to achieve fluency at the completion of their study, including speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Classes are taught by native-speaker teachers who are long-term Australian residents and are familiar with Australian culture. The school also enables parents to join the first few classes to accompany their children learning. Tuition fees are affordable at around $200 per term. Children learn in a virtual classroom with two to three other students under the guidance of a teacher. There are options to learn either once a week or twice a week.

To find out more about the children language program with Asian Language School, please visit For media enquiries, please contact Asian Language School at +61 2 9152 8740 or via email at

You can connect with [them directly] via Facebook: or

艾偉德 Gladys Aylward 147cm

See Bibliography below:

The movie, released in 1958, was taken in large part from the book The Small Woman by Alan Burgess. One reviewer of the book said that the written material was more action-packed than the movie. The reviewer described Aylward as one “who had to deal with unbelievable conditions and reconcile her actions with her religious beliefs.”the small woman book

“a well-produced, heartwarming movie starring the great actress Ingrid Bergman – it was a thorn in the side of Gladys Aylward. She was deeply embarrassed by the movie because it was so full of inaccuracies. Hollywood also took great liberties with her infatuation with the Chinese Colonel Linnan, even changing him into an Eurasian. But Gladys, the most chaste of women, was horrified to learn the movie had portrayed her in ‘love scenes‘. She suffered greatly over what she considered her soiled reputation.” (alternate renditions say she and 100 orphans trekked the mountains for 22 days)

She met and became friends with “General Ley,” a Roman Catholic priest from Europe who had teken up arms when the Japanese invaded, and now headed a guerilla force. Finally he sent her a message. The Japanese are coming in full force. We are retreating. Come with us.” Angry, she scrawled a Chinese note, Chi Tao Tu Pu Twai, “Christians never retreat!” He sent back a copy of a Japanese handbill offering $100 each for the capture, dead or alive, of (1) the Mandarin, (2) a prominent merchant, and (3) Ai-weh-deh. She determined to flee to the government orphanage at Sian, bringing with her the children she had accumulated, about 100 in number. (An additional 100 had gone ahead earlier with a colleague.) With the children in tow, she walked for twelve days.

  • Bibliography from and others
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    • The work of Gladys Aylward was memorialized in a 1959 film, The Inn of the Sixth
    • Happiness, starring Ingrid Bergman. Most of the material for the film was derived front Alan Burgess, The Small (1957).
    • Aylward’s letters are in the archives at the SOAS, University of London.

Awesome Aviatrixes




Mae Carol Jemison – Wikipedia Astronaut, Test Pilot, Peace Corp, Nine Doctorates

PI  Duterte welcomes Japan’s Abe

Manila Bulletin January 14, 2017

(WATCH) How Japan appreciates Davao’s hospitality to Abe

Before leaving for Australia, [Japan’s Prime Minister] Abe and his wife Akie visited the Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku, a Japanese-language school in Davao City, where they were welcomed by students and staff waving Philippine and Japanese flags and were treated to a performance of “Chiisana Sekai” (It’s a Small World).

The 62-year-old leader expressed how delighted he was to see Filipino students “having fun” learning the Japanese language.

The Filipino students, in turn, thanked the Japanese visitors for dropping by their humble school.

Read more: (WATCH) A display of Davao hospitality for Abe

Japanese netizens were also impressed with the welcome given by the Davaoeños to their leader.

“It is truly a wonderful welcome party. Certainly, it made me cry,” said one netizen.

“A wonderful welcome, I’m impressed,” said another.